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During which project management process will you manage procurement relationships and monitor contract performance?

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B. Control Procurements
C. Close Procurements
D. Plan Procurement Management


Hint: This must be a process from the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group.


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Answer and Explanation:

The Correct Answer is B.

As you want to manage the procurement relationships and monitor control performance, this must be a process from the Monitoring and Controlling process group. Control Procurements is the process of managing procurement relationships, monitoring contract performance, and making changes and corrections as needed. "Control Procurements" is the correct answer to this question.


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PMP Exam Tip: Leads, Lags and... Hammocks??

CMA Tip orange copy

The terms “leads” and “lags” are used to identify and control the timing of various activities within the project. It is important to accurately document leads and lags.

Lead Time: Let's assume a project has two pieces that need to be completed at the same time. Work package A will take 4 weeks to complete, but work package B only takes one week. B would show in the project plan as a finish to start (FS) with a one week lead.  This means the B work package component should start one week before A is scheduled to be completed.

Lag Time : Lag time can best be described as a planned or forced delay.  A great example of this is a construction project that involves pouring concrete. The project plan must include a lag time of 2 days for the concrete to dry before the next phase can begin.

Another term you must be familiar with is “Hammock Activity”. Hammock activity is also frequently referred to as summary activity. These are activities that are roughly related and are reported as a single activity. Sometimes the relationship between the activities is clear. Other times, they may only be related because their completion leads to the same result. On a Gantt chart a hammock activity is usually displayed as a thick black bar above a grouping of lower level activities.

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Featured PMP Exam Lessons Learned from Wah Mah, PMP



This week's featured lessons learned comes to us courtesy of Wah Mah, PMP.

Wah Mah's journey started June 22 when he signed up to the PM PrepCast and passed the test August 23 with 4 proficients and 1 moderately proficient (closing group). Learn from Wah Mah as he provides the resources he used and his recommendations:

PM PrepCast
- Good as I was able to listen to it in the background as I did house and yard work
- I never had the time to just sit down and give 100% attention to the Prepcast, could have been more effective if I did this
- Recommend as it introduces concepts in a very understandable way

Head First PMP
- I read it once slowly (including doing all the activities) and then read it a second time a little quicker but took notes
- Recommend as it is easy to read and contains probably 95% of the information required for the PMP Exam
- I felt this book was good enough that I didn't read any other prep book
- 84% on practice test, easier than the real test

- I did not attempt to read it as it is very dry
- However, very useful as a reference when I needed to explore concepts further or took look at the various process diagrams and ITTOs

PMP Exam Simulator
- Took 2 full exams during the week before the real exam (82% and 88%)
- Similar to the real test

Read more:


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Free PMI-ACP Exam Sample Questions


Free PMI-ACP Exam Sample QuestionsGet 15 Sample Questions for the PMI-ACP Exam!

These questions are specifically designed to test your understanding of various agile concepts and methods.

Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to be PMI-ACP certified!

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Definitely the PM Podfather by Ron Holohan

“Cornelius is undoubtedly the podfather of all project management podcasts. His is the podcast that has launched a thousand other PM podcasts like my own. I have been listening to the PM Podcast since Feb, 2007 and as a result I have learned all kinds of things about project management through both his PM podcast and PM Prepcast. Both are excellent in quality, content, and creativity. His interviews are informative and Cornelius definitely knows his subject. Keep up the good work!”

~ Ron Holohan, PMP

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