Join me in the 16th Annual Southland Technology Conference (SoTeC) on October 23rd and 24th, 2015

Learn how social media fits into projectBe sure to attend the 16th Annual Southland Technology Conference (SoTeC) on October 23rd and 24th, 2015 at the Long Beach Hilton. Great speakers, Great panels, and Great Networking with Alliance Partners and Job Fair Recruiters! Text 'SOTEC' to 22828 to join the conference mailing list, or visit for details.

Join me as he answers the question "Where does social media fit into project management?"

Key Learning Objectives & Takeaways when you attend this event:

  • Understand social media trends and global usage of social media
  • Define social media "Themes" and "Types" Examine practical uses of social media on projects
  • Describe social media lessons learned (based on survey feedback and implementations)
  • List actionable steps to implement social media on projects

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Until next time,
Cornelius Fichtner PMP, CSM


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Featured PMP Exam Lessons Learned from Ali Manrique, PMP

Lessons LearnedHis lessons learned and journey on becoming a PMP shared to us by Ali Manrique, PMP.

My experience was quite eventful. I presented the test three times!!

My first failure was because I signed up to present without having prepared enough, relying only on my experience. I had less than a month to read the Rita Mulcahy Book, superficially. I presented the exam and left poor in three of the five groups of processes.

The second time I tried to spend more time and for this study with Rita Mulcahy's book and the author simulator. I took time from my work, which involves constantly moving in three countries. The second time, I took care only to study the book and simulator from Rita Mulcahy, did not pay much attention to the PMBOK and presented the test. That day I studied until hours before the test, I was late to the center, very stressed. The review found very easy, and it did in two hours and half. Unfortunately I failed the test and that depressed me a lot.

The third and last time, I decided to understand what were the reasons for the previous failure and with that attitude, I programmed my preparation. I took 20 days in a row. I started on July 13 and presented the test on August 12. I studied on weekdays and weekends rested. The first thing I did was use the Internet to seek advice and other points of views. I found the Shiv site, I downloaded their books and advice, also, Shiv recommended Cornelius Fichtner’s simulator, which bought. Additionally I used the site PM Study Circle, which clarifies various topics that tend to confuse.

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PMP Exam Tip: Assess Your PMP Exam Readiness with Free Sample Exams

PMP Exam TipThe Internet is full of sites and blogs that help you prepare for the PMP Exam. As part of your PMP Exam Prep, you should take advantage of the many free, online sample exams. These will help you assess your readiness to take the actual exam.

Whether you can or cannot find time and money to enroll in a formal, classroom-style PMP Exam Prep course, answering hundreds (even thousands) of PMP Exam sample questions is a must. In the first few weeks of your PMP Exam Studies. it's OK to use just the free ones offered by various sources. These questions prepare you for the rigors of the actual examination for your certification and give you some idea of what to expect. While these do not necessarily reflect actual test questions, they can provide tips and guides to properly respond to any question that may come your way on the "real" exam. The free questions help you to sharpen your knowledge and identify areas where you need to study more.

However, after some weeks you will not only tire of constantly searching for new free questions. You will also begin to notice that free questions are not always of the same quality. Some are excellent, some are OK and many are really bad. That is the moment when you have to consider signing up for a PMP Exam Simulator. Yes, subscribing to such a simulator is going to take some money, but in the end, your goal should be to pass the exam. Invest this money into being well prepared for the exam.

So when taking courses for your PMP Exam preparations, make sure that you get at least some free test questions offered by these courses. Together with the free sample questions on the internet and the ones of your PMP Exam Simulator you will be able to prepare yourself well.


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Free PMP Exam Sample Question

Free PMP Exam Sample QuestionYour Risk Register says if your IT Administrator is unavailable for a period longer than a week then it will cause serious issues for your project. You have just learned from you Human Resource Department that your IT Administrator has resigned with a one-month notice period, during which time the company will have to find a replacement. This situation is an example of which of the following:

A. Secondary Risk
B. Residual Risk
C. Contingency Plan
D. Trigger

HINT: You have found out that a risk is about to occur.

All our questions are updated to the latest PMBOK® Guide standard. Stop by at and try the PMP Exam Simulator free for 3 days. We also offer 110 free questions at We are a PMI Registered Education Provider.

Answer and Explanation:
The correct answer is D.

As you have just discovered that one of your project's identified risk is about to happen, this is an example of a risk trigger.


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