The Complete Guide to PMP 35 Contact Hours of Project Management Education

PMP contact hoursYikes! Those contact hours that PMI demands before you can even apply for your PMP exam cause a lot of confusion. First, there's a lot of them! You need to rack up 35.

Second, what does 'contact hour' even mean? Many students opt for online project management education these days and don't have any face-to-face 'contact' with their tutors. Then you have to work out whether your course counts as 'formal' education, which training company to choose and that's before you've even started to work out how to record it all in a way that meets the PMI standards…

Did that confuse you more?

Don't worry! We will tell you everything you need to know about the contact hours requirement for the PMP exam. We'll debunk some myths, define it all clearly and give you the tools you need to complete your application confidently.

Let's get started!


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PMP Exam Coaching Class Early Bird Offer​

Depositphotos 5701606 XSWoohoo! We are now offering a 5-week long GROUP PMP Exam Coaching class to help you ace the PMP exam!

Here are more details:
Your Coach: Dan Ryan, MBA, PMP.

Dan has delivered in person and virtual PMP Exam prep classes since 2011 and has developed a global reputation as a leader in one-to-one and one-to-few PMP Exam Prep coaching and tutoring.

Start Date/Time: Sunday, July 19th 2015 at 8pm EST
Schedule: Every Sunday at 8pm EST for five weeks
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  • 5 hours of coaching (1 hour per week)
  • FREE PMP Exam Formula Study Guide
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How to Get PMP Certification - The Complete Guide

The second "Complete Guide" in our new series of in-depth articles to help students prepare for the PMP Exam has just been published:

How to Get PMP Certification - The Complete Guide

This article answers every question you may have about how to study for the PMP exam! We review PMP Exam requirements, the PMBOK Guide, PMP study material, exam prep strategies, memorization techniques, brain dump sheets, time management and much more.

It's our intention to have these articles be "the ultimate reference guide" for PMP certification questions. More guides are already in the pipeline. We will publish them as soon as they are ready.


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Featured PMP Exam Lessons Learned from Bradley Taylor, PMP

PMP exam lessons learnedHis study plan and lessons learned on becoming a PMP shared to us by Bradley Taylor, PMP.

Passed PMP exam today with 4Ps and 1MP which was simultaneously a relief and a disappointment.

Anyway it was a satisfactory outcome and I thought I would express my thanks for the prepcast and also share my study plan / lessons learned:

1. PM PREPCAST (of course). I just listened to the whole series while driving over about a month. Cornelius speaks very slowly and clearly so I had him turned up to time and a half to double time depending on the topic. Very helpful intro to the material for no extra time investment.

2. RITAS BOOK. Did the whole book including all the practice exams and most of the exercises. Highly recommend this resource.

3. PMBOK. Read it all once to make sure I understood everything and highlighted sections i needed to come back to.

4. Made about 20 pages of notes from Rita and the PMBOK of things I needed to remember, then highlighted those few parts I still couldn't remember. Then looked at the highlighted sections twice and told myself to remember them.

Read more here:


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