Early Bird Discount: PMP Exam Group Coaching Class in April 2017

Group of business assembling puzzle Depositphotos 11453459 sPMP Coach Dan Ryan is starting another group coaching class to help you ace the PMP exam!

Here are more details:

Your Coach: Dan Ryan, MBA, PMP

Dan has delivered in person and virtual PMP Exam prep classes since 2011 and has developed a global reputation as a leader in one-to-one and one-to-few PMP Exam Prep coaching and tutoring. Dan is currently teaching not just one, but two group coaching classes and he has decided to start a new one as soon as the others are complete. This is your chance to learn from the best!

Start Date/Time: Sunday, April 9, 2017 at 8PM Eastern

Schedule: Every Sunday at 8pm EST for five weeks

Price: Order before March 26, 2017: $229.99 -- Order after March 26: $249.99

Package includes:

- 5 hours of coaching (1 hour per week)

- FREE PMP Exam Formula Study Guide

- FREE PMP Exam eBook Bundle (PMP Exam Prep Essentials, PMP Exam ITTO Memory Jogger and The PMI Exam Audit Kit)

Important: A max of 15 students will be accepted for this class. The class will be held online using an online meeting and collaboration tool.

Limited time only: If you sign up before March 26, 2017, you will get an early bird discount of $20!

To receive the discounted price you must use discount coupon coach0417 in the gift-certificate box during checkout and click on "validate".

To learn more about PMP Exam Coaching please visit www.pm-prepcast.com/coaching or email Dan Ryan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To order please click here


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Featured PMP® Exam Lessons Learned from Dhanya Nair, PMP

Featured PMP® Exam Lessons Learned from Dhanya Nair, PMPLessons learned towards becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP)® shared to us by PM PrepCast student Dhanya Nair, PMP.

"I passed the PMP® exam on December 28th,2016 . Here is my detailed study plan and a few tips.

The study materials that I used for my PMP® exam are:

Books - Headfirst PMP®, Rita Mulcahy and A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)
Exam Simulator and Videos by PM PrepCast

I started preparation by Mid October by going through Headfirst initially. It is a good book especially if you are a visual learner. I then watched PrepCast videos which I must say are awesome, with Cornelius Fichtner explaining all PM related terminologies and concepts in-depth and in-easy to understand language. The book by Rita Mulcahy can get a little complex at times in terms of grasping things and so I made sure that I referred it only after going through PrepCast videos to lay the foundation properly. The PMBOK® Guide was referred at last. I followed this pattern for each knowledge area in the PMBOK® Guide; finish one Knowledge Area in Headfirst, followed by PrepCast videos followed by Rita Mulcahy and then PMBOK® Guide. This was topped by practice questions under each knowledge area..."

Read more here: https://www.project-management-prepcast.com/kunena/pmp-exam-lessons-learned/5378-passed-pmp-exam-on-the-first-attempt


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PMP® Exam Tip: Prepare Mentally for The PMP® Exam

PMP® Exam Tip: Prepare Mentally for The PMP® ExamIt is important to be in the right frame of mind and good physical shape before going in for The Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam. Knowing that you have done the best you can in your PMP® Exam Prep and getting yourself in the right frame of mind will give you the advantage over others. Here are a few ideas on preparing:

Don’t sleep late on the day of the exam: Students often study late into the night before an important exam. This was OK in your college days, but now you are a professional with years of experience. You should be able to plan in such a way that you study regularly and don't need to cram the night before. So make sure to get enough sleep the night before. A tired brain does not work efficiently. You know best how much sleep you need to function properly, so plan accordingly.

Read the full question: It’s not a war; you don’t need to hurry as soon as you get in. Have a plan as to how you will approach the exam (i.e. answer 50 questions in 50 minutes, then take a 5-minute break). Read all questions properly and make sure you know what they are really asking.

Don’t over-examine: Feedback from many students shows that the first answer chosen is usually the correct one. So don't go back and change your answers again and again. You don't have time for that anyway and you should be confident enough by now to properly analyze the questions to find the best answer. Only when the text from a later question gives you a spark to an earlier question, should you consider going back and changing it.


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Free PMP® Exam Sample Question

Free PMP® Exam Sample QuestionWhich of the following strategies are suggested to deal with threats or risks that have a negative impact on a project?

A. Avoid, transfer or enhance
B. Exploit, share or enhance
C. Avoid, transfer or mitigate
D. Avoid, exploit or mitigate

HINT: There are four negative risk management strategies.

All our questions are updated to the latest A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) standard. Stop by at http://www.pm-prepcast.com/freesimulator and try the PM Exam Simulator free for 3 days. We also offer 110 free questions at http://www.free-pm-exam-questions.com. We are a Project Management Institute (PMI)® Registered Education Provider.

Answer and Explanation:
The correct answer is C.

Avoid, transfer, mitigate and accept are the four negative risk management strategies.


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