10 Use of PMP Exam FlashCards as a PMP® Exam Study Material

10 Use of PMP Exam FlashCards as a PMP® Exam Study MaterialOne known effective method for studying for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam is using flashcards.

Flashcards are compact, quick, and easy to use study aids that typically cover one question, formula, or tidbit of information per card. It can be used anywhere, 

This article discusses the 10 reasons why you should use PMP exam flashcards as a PMP exam study material.

Below are the following:

  1. This PMP exam study material allows you to study any time & anywhere
  2. It provides an active method for learning PMP concepts
  3. It allows you to think about how much you do or do not understand a concept
  4. It breaks studying down into small chunks
  5. PMP exam flashcards provide repetition
  6. This PMP exam study material allows for distributed learning
  7. It provides immediate feedback on progress
  8. It allows you to control your learning
  9. PMP exam flashcards use both visual and auditory senses
  10. It works well in a group format

Read more: https://www.project-management-prepcast.com/free/pmp-exam/articles/564-10-reasons-to-use-pmp-exam-flashcards-as-a-pmp-exam-study-material

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