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Another Very Funny PMP Exam Sample Question


Julie is a project manager leading a project in the hospitality industry. As part of the project she is working with a focus group to determine which flavor of pie people like most. She asked 100 people in the focus group "What is your favorite pie?" and then created the following chart:

Pie chart or bar chart?

What type of a chart is this?


A) Pie Chart

B) Bar Chart

First in Google (On the First)

OK... Maybe I shouldn't have tried this on April 1st and then tweeted about it because now everyone thinks it's an April Fool's Joke: I Googled for "PMP Exam" and my own website came out as #1 - even before PMI. Here is a screenshot - unaltered:


Click the image to enlarge it.

Flashback Cartoon: E.T.

This cartoon is from a series I drew in 1996

.Miss Understood

(I also had this great idea that I wanted to create a tea brand called "E. Tea". But it never went further than that...)