March 2012 Discount Coupon

For our next amazing deal and offer, we bring you a $9.99 discount coupon for The PM Exam eFlashcards! Instead of paying the regular price of $29.99, you can get The PM Exam eFlashcards for just $20.00. This offer is good from March 1-31, 2012 only. Details are as follows:

March 2012 Discount Coupon

Product The PM Exam eFlashcards
Regular price $29.99
Discount $9.99
Price after discount $20.00
Coupon validity March 1-31, 2012
Coupon code Mar12

Redeeming this great deal is easy! First watch this video here to learn how to use the coupon and then go to our website at where you begin by clicking on “Order” at the top. (Please note that our coupons are only available for new purchases and cannot be applied as a refund if you purchased earlier.)

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