PM Podcast Episode 188: Enterprise 2.0 Tools for Project Managers

This week's episode of The Project Management Podcast:

The toolkit for project managers in the area of Enterprise 2.0 (often also called Social Media Project Management Tools) is vast. We have wikis, blogs, networking tools, microblogging, videos, podcasts. It’s a sheer endless list of tools that our project participants suddenly expect us to use and be proficient in on our projects.

But where should you start? How should you start? Which tool is appropriate for which task and (almost more importantly) for which target audience. These are just some of the topics that we touch upon in our 2nd interview with Dennis Brooke on Enterprise 2.0 Tools for Project Managers.

We’ll even look at the questions of “Isn't this whole Enterprise 2.0 /Social Media stuff not simply just a gimmick?” and how do we get people to change and use the tools properly?

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