Change in our Affiliate Program

On Monday, December 5 2011, we will be moving all our PMP Exam Prep Products and PDU Products from Premiumcast to Nanacast. This move is necessary, because Premiumcast is closing down soon and only by migrating over to Nanacast will we be able to continue offering our affiliate program to you.

The good news is that Nanacast is 100% the same system as Premiumcast, but it offers a lot more and improved features.

We are already in the process of migrating all our products over and in about 10 days you will receive an email that you have been added to our new Nanacast-based affiliate program. You can now log in to your new account and take a look around.

You need to update all your affiliate links on December 5:

On December 5th we will begin selling all our products via the new Nanacast system and sales on Premiumcast will stop. This means, that you have to update your affiliate links on your website. We recommend the following process:

  • Search your website(s) for "premiumcast" and create a list with all pages on which you use your Premiumcast affiliate link.
  • Continue adding any other pages to this list that you may need to update, like forums, banner advertising, newsletter links, etc.
  • Login to your new Nanacast affiliate account and identify your new affiliate links for all our products, so that you know where to find them.
  • On December 5th go through the list you created and change all your Premiumcast affiliate links to Nanacast affiliate links.
  • Do another search through your website and ensure that all instances of "premiumcast" have been removed.

There are three consequences of this migration:

  1. If you do not update your affiliate links, you will not earn any more commission. This is because all sales are made from Nanacast and the system doesn't know that you send customers to us via your Premiumcast link.
  2. Your old links will stop working as soon as we close our Premiumcast account. Your customers will see a "page not found" error
  3. Don't use the new Nanacast links before December 5th, because before this date all sales are done via Premiumcast, which doesn't know your Nanacast links

We apologize for this, but the Premiumcast/Nanacast team does not offer a solution for this problem to us and the two systems do not talk to each other.

We will keep you updated about the migration over the coming weeks. Please expect your invitation to login to your new Nanacast account around November 14th.

Thank you for being an affiliate of our company and please let me know if you have any questions that I can answer about this move.

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