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Denis Baklikov, PMP


Lessons learned and his experienced towards the PMP exam shared by the PM PrepCast student - Denis Baklikov, PMP.

Hello! I’ve passed the exam and now would like to share my exam preparation experience.
It took a bit less than 4 months. I started on the first of August and finished on the 20th of November. Rita’s course was used as a main study book. It was quite difficult for me to understand concepts of “proper project management”. For about ten years I studied PM practices. Before reading the book I thought that I am an experienced PM, but suddenly realized that it is not a proper project management. We often do gold plating, lack of planning and change management. Also our team never plan communications and stakeholder management.

Based on this knowledge I’ve decided to share this information with my colleagues. We created a study group to improve PM processes in the company. In the same time I wrote down a list of areas which were difficult for me. After the end of every chapter I took a day or two to analyze why these areas were difficult for me. It was like a root cause analysis and helped me later.

From the very beginning of preparation I’ve created a study plan. Initially only milestones were placed there (like “read Rita’s course for the first time”, “read PMBOK for the first time”, “view PM Prep cast”). After finishing the second chapter I realized that reading takes too much time and placed control points for every chapter on my study plan. This also helped me to be on schedule...

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