PMP® Formulas and Calculations - The Complete Guide

PMP® Formulas and Calculations - The Complete GuideThere's no getting away from studying all the PMP formulas you need for the exam. In this (almost) complete guide we'll go through the PMP formulas with examples.

By the end of this article, you'll see that learning the PMI® formulas isn't going to be that bad. Read on and you'll learn how to crack formula-based PMP questions to help pass your PMP exam.

Topics for discussion are:

  1. What Formula Question Types are on the PMP Exam?
  2. The Earned Value Formulas and Calculation
  3. Is There A Formula for Planned Value?
  4. How to Calculate Schedule Variance
  5. What is the Cost Variance (CV) Formula?
  6. How Do You Calculate the Cost Performance Index (CPI)?
  7. Using Estimate at Completion (EAC)
  8. What is Schedule Performance Index (SPI)?
  9. How to Use the Variance at Completion (VAC) Formula
  10. What is the Estimate to Complete Formula (ETC)?
  11. Understanding the To Complete Performance Index (TCPI)

And more…

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