PM Podcast Episode 201: Impressions from the 2011 PMI Global Congress

This week's episode of The Project Management Podcast:


Edgar PolancoFelipe NunezAt the end of October I attended the PMI Global Congress in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. Two weeks later I attended the PMO Symposium in Orlando Florida. As always I meet a lot of interesting people at these events, which is a great opportunity for me to sit down with them and bring you their thoughts, concerns, ideas and insights.

So over the coming weeks we are going to delve into 10 interviews that were recorded at these two events and we begin with a discussion I had with two representatives from the PMI Guadalajara Chapter from Mexico.

My guests Felipe Nunez and Edgar Polanco are attending the congress mainly to participate in the PMI Leadership Meeting, which usually precedes the congress. In this meeting leaders and board members from PMI Chapters get together to learn from each others experience of leading a volunteer project management organization.

We discuss their impressions of the Leadership Meeting, the Global Congress and how they will be setting up their own, local congress in Guadalajara in 2012.

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