PM Episode Episode 191: PM Leadership Tools: Adaptive Project Leadership (Project Leadership Series)

This week's episode of The Project Management Podcast:

So far in our PM Podcast Project Leadership Series we have first heard Rick Valerga and Thomas Juli who are both authors on project leadership discuss their leadership models on expectation management and leadership principles. Then we spoke with Andy Kaufman and we learned how to develop our own leadership skills and those of our team - including the appropriate worksheets for our premium listeners..

Now... it’s time for some hands on project leadership tools.

Enter Susanne Madsen ( and learn about adaptive project leadership.

Adaptive project leadership is a project leadership tool that will help you identify the appropriate leadership style for your project team members. Just like every project is unique, so are your team members. Your leadership style has to follow suit.

As a special bonus item, Susanne is making adaptive leadership white paper and worksheet available to all our listeners. We’re discussing the matrix from this paper in the interview, so you may want to take a look at the filled in matrix on page 3 first. You can manually download the worksheet from in episode 191. However, if you use iTunes, Google reader or any other kind of software to subscribe to and download our podcasts, then you will very likely already see this file on your computer.

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