PM Podcast Episode 186 (Audio): The Agile Manifesto for Project Managers

This week's episode of The Project Management Podcast:

In this episode of The Project Management Podcast we are going to review "The Manifesto for Agile Software Development". It is better known by the simpler name The Agile Manifesto and you can find it at

The focus of our review of the manifesto is (of course) going to be on project management - in particular: what does the manifesto and it's 12 principles mean for our work as PMs in an Agile environment. I am going to give you my personal thoughts on this by analyzing the manifesto itself and then looking at each of the 12 principles and relating them to a PM's work.

This episode is available both as a video and also as an audio-only version. Stop by at to download the version you want.

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