PM Podcast Episode 185 How to Develop Your Project Team’s Leadership Skills (Project Leadership Series)

This week's episode of The Project Management Podcast:

In this premium episode we are going to continue to develop project leadership skills. But not just anybody’s skills. We are focusing on what you and I can do as project leaders in order to enable our own project teams to take more leadership responsibilities. After all, one important trait of a project leader is that she or he helps others on the road to leadership.

My guest is Andy Kaufmann, PMP from The Institute for Leadership Excellence & Development ( and In the last episode, all our premium listeners received a free copy of his two Leadership Appraisal worksheets. If you are a premium listener and you haven’t seen those yet, please take another look at episode 184 and look for the PDF documents. For this interview on team leadership development Andy is offering his Team Charter worksheet to you. All paying, premium subscribers can download the PDF and use it the next time they have a team kick off meeting.

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