PM Podcast Episode 181: Improving Your Project Presentations - One Tweet at a Time

This week's episode of The Project Management Podcast:

So tell me... how often do you as a project manager need to give a presentation? This could be as simple as adressing your team during a team meeting, facilitating a telephone conference with your customers, giving a formal status update to your sponsors or customers or even doing a web based meeting. If I look back at my work as a PM I probably had to do this at least two to three times every single week. And I assume that it’s very similar for you as well.

That is why I’ve gone ahead and invited Wayne Turmel ( to the program today. Wayne has been teaching how you can excel at giving presentations for many years and he has published several books on the topic. The latest one is called “#PRESENTATION tweet - 140 Ways to Present with Impact”. The book is full of tweets on improving your presentations and you can find it at

We have selected 12 of these tweets for today’s interview with Wayne and he goes much, MUCH deeper into each topic.

Of course, we are also doing a book giveaway and we have 2 copies of Wayne’s book. As always: 1 copy is reserved for our premium listeners and one copy is raffled off via our facebook fan page. So go to, find the post with this book giveaway and leave a comment to participate in the giveaway.

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