PM Podcast Episode 176: One More Question...

This week's episode of The Project Management Podcast:

Did you notice that in past few months, if you listened all the way to the end of some of our interviews - and I mean, really ALL the way to the end, after I say "until next time", after the music has faded out - that there was more. That we sometimes added another short segment?

Usually, this segment started out with me saying: "I have one more question for you" and then our interview guest would usually have some anecdote or story to tell? Well... if you haven't heard them, you can always go back and listen to them.

But to tell you the truth... when I said "I have one more question for you" .... I lied. Because usually, I had TWO more questions for them. And in today's episode you are going to hear the SECOND "one more question" that I asked them.

You'll hear the following guests one more time:

  • Peter Taylor
  • Pam Stanton
  • Frank Saladis
  • Mark Philips
  • Elizabeth Harrin
  • Jeff Furman
  • Steve Kaye

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